Arrests of officials began in Iran

2018-08-08 22:19:30 502 Marina
 Arrests of officials began in Iran

Chairman of the Currency Council of the Central Bank of the country Ahmed Irakchi. This is reported by the Iranian news agency İSNA with reference to the representative of the court Gulam Muhsin Ezhei Arrests of corrupt officials began in Iran. Law enforcement bodies of Iran detained the deputy. According to the information, in addition to Irakchi three more people were taken into custody. It is noted that the accused will be charged with corruption. Ahmed Irakchi was removed from office recently in response to charges in corruption involvement

Arrests is taking place on the background of on-going social protests. Protests against devaluation of the Iranian currency and price rising cover new and new cities. Protests took place in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad and Carece. Protesters shouted anti-government slogans and burned tires and garbage containers.

The government blames the Central Bank of Iran for devaluation of the Iranian currency, accusing it of corruption and trying to bring down the wave of protests with the help of arrests. However, the experts consider that the protests will continue, as the price increase can not be stopped. The economic situation of Iran is affected not only by domestic problems, but also by sanctions that the USA ii imposing in the next months. A lot of investors have already left Iran.


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