A Project ‘West-East’ is a new bridge to a multipolar world
A Project ‘West-East’ is a new bridge to a multipolar world

'If you don't do politic, politics will take care of you'. Charles Forbes René de Montalembert, the French author.

The world political system is going through times that are not of the best. It seems, the 20th century should have connected all dots in geopolitical puzzles of the West and East. Yet the world history is about to start another turn of the wheel of the era.

The 21st century is rapidly breaking a chronicle of Millennium by transformation of international relations and ideology and destroying new superstructures.

The accumulated contradictions among global powers are escalating, geopolitical unions that should have been created for centuries are becoming unstable, new unexpected dots of growth are appearing in developing countries. The dynamics of political processes gain unprecedented momentum. The behavior of modern political subjects often defies logical explanation breaking the patterns of political science theories.

Dire predictions of a world war are appearing in speeches of the experts more often, conspiracy theories are multiplying, the spirit of ‘Cold War’ is going back and pessimism of international diplomacy is becoming more popular. The world pot is boiling.

The world is on the edge of new discoveries.

The forthcoming reformations are in the hands of contemporaries. What they will, both: creating the progress or destroying the civilization, depends on us. We should understand their structure in order to control them. We need the ongoing dialog as the inextricable link among centers of power. Sometimes it’s important just to be heard, to have an opportunity to convey a point of view in order to reach an agreement.

We are, the Association of experts on Central Asia, Caucasus and the Middle East, offer you a new project ‘West-East’ as a bridge to a multipolar and unstable world.

According to the opinion of British geopolitician of 19th century H. Mackinder, ‘the person who rules the Central Asia, rules the Eurasia, and the person who rules the Eurasia, rules the world’. The idea of ‘heartland’ is still alive.

We are as natives of the Post-Soviet Republics suggest you to begin the dialog from the Central Asia, the region that have been connecting the world civilizations of the West and East by caravan ways during the centuries. The region that became an object of a big play. It’s a point where the interests of three world powers are intercrossed.

Can it become a ‘node of cooperation’ not a ‘territory of discord’? What way choose the Republics of Central Asia? How will the situation change in the background of changing world trends and appearing of new risks? Will be ‘land locked countries’ able to make a breakthrough due to transit transport ways?

We are invoking in the frames of the project for creation of the dialog platform among experts of the East and West. Nowadays the connection between representatives of western expert sphere and political scientists of the CIS doesn’t maintain. We have different opinions, approaches to study, terminology and vision of processes.

However, we have a common desire to make the world better.

The project suggests an opportunity of posting on our website following materials according to proposed sections below:

The outer contour of the CAR – the conceptions of developing:

- CAR and Russia

- CAR and the USA

- CAR and China

- CAR and South and South-East Asia

The inner contour of the CAR – the regional interaction:

- Integrational processes

- Bilateral cooperation

Economic processes in the CAR:

- Economic reforms

- Fiscal policy, the processes in the monetary system

- The industry sector, innovational-industrial development

- Export-import processes

- Energy, water resources

- Logistic, transport corridors

- Ongoing and prospective big investment projects

- The role of the CAR in the projects ‘economic belt of the Silk Way’, ‘the New Silk Way’

The threats of safety of the CAR.

We are ready for new themes and discussions. We are open for cooperation and interaction! 

East-West 26-01-2018


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